Missions Moments

27 June 2021

Series: Other Series

Missions updates from Andy & Amy Schmidt, Jun & Regina Malon, and Steve & Kathy Austvold.

An email from Pastor Dave regarding the update from Pastor Jun :

Last Sunday reference was made to the serious escalation and sustained number of COVID infections in the Philippines and, in response, the Philippine government’s forceful encouragement for its citizens to be vaccinated.   Our supported missionary, Jun, asked for prayer for how best to respond to the pastors he shepherds.
The report of the deaths of “20 officials due to the COVID vaccine” is what seemed to generate Jun’s concern.  After a thorough web search, the Elders do not have further information than what was reported on April 23rd, 2021 when a Philippines Food and Drug (FDA) briefing noted 24 deaths in proximity to COVID vaccination: “[Eleven] were found to have contracted COVID-19, eight had cardiovascular or cerebrovascular illness, three reportedly suffered another infectious disease, while two are still under investigation . . . [Philippines FDA Director] Domingo said the 11 who died of COVID-19 after being vaccinated only got the first dose of the vaccine and were not yet completely protected from the coronavirus.” (1)
Continuing praying for Jun and his family as they navigate the complexities of the COVID pandemic in their area, their appropriate response as a church and their handling of the government’s approach as well. We will forward additional information and any clarifications from Jun and team when they are available.
Thank you.