Linden Sutton Update 9/4/18

Hello Family and Friends,

It has been one week that I have spent here in the Dominican Republic! I came down here with a ministry called Score International. I am in the Global Adventure Pursuit (GAP) program. I am here to seek the Lord and also spread his love through ministries. While I am here I will have a missionary family that I will stay with every other weekend and help them in their missionary work. We have not yet been told what all the ministry opportunities are, the ones we know are the Lily House and an Orphanage home, but we will get to choose which one we feel more called to. This first week, we dove right into bible classes starting on Tuesday.  On Thursday morning we had a Spanish placement. We were given a written test that was all in Spanish and we were told to do as much of it as we could. When we finished that we were taken into a room to have a conversation with our two professors in Spanish. It was hard and embarrassing but I am getting really anxious to learn their language so I can talk to the staff at Score and the guards outside our building. We had our first Spanish class the next morning. Half of it was the grammar section where our professor speaks in English to us, the other half is the conversational part where our professor speaks in Spanish the whole time. None of us knew what he was saying. Today, we went over to the Lily house which is a ministry program that provides work and housing for women recovering from trafficking and prostitution. We got to meet all the girls there, and played a game to get to know them more and practice our Spanish. They are so much fun and full of life. The girls at the Lily house wanted to teach us how to mop like a Dominican, so they took us over to the church and we mopped a huge tiled room, they were blasting music and dancing and singing while teaching us how to mop. Tomorrow we get to attend the Juan Dolio church. It will be in Spanish and probably really fast Spanish so we might be a little lost. However, I am excited to use my bilingual Bible.

I would like to thank you all for supporting me. I would not have been able to experience all of this if it weren't for your financial help and many prayers. I still have about 4,000 dollars to raise before December so if you wanted to donate but didn't get my letter, there is still an opportunity! If you are interested please feel free to email me. I will also be sending out updates on my time here similar to this one. If you are interested in hearing from me throughout my year, please email me and I will add you to the list.

Thank you

God Bless